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Interior Design & Renovations

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The perfect open space to gather with family and friends

In house
Interior Design

  • Outline client design objectives.

  • Conceptualize and sketch design plans.

  • Determine cost of completion and project requirements in the budgeting phase.

  • Set a timeline for the completion of an interior design project.

  • Source materials and products included in plans.

  • Create 'mood boards' to sample your design vision.

  • Utilize computer applications in the design process.

  • Inspect design after completion to determine whether client goals have been met.

Written Contracts

Written contracts provide certainty for both parties.  They allow clients to predict matters such as cost, the scope of what will be done and the manner in which the work is completed.  As a general rule the more complicated the project, the more detail is required in the agreement. A properly organized written agreement is a good way to protect your interests and ensure you get what you asked for.

Clear Scope
of work

  • Identify project needs.

  • Figure out project goals.

  • Consider project limitations.

  • Define resources and budget.

  • Write a killing project scope statement.

Licensed &

With a licensed and insured company, you can be assured that your home is in good hands.

Why choose us

Satisfied Customers

Hi Carolina and Eduardo,


Here’s our “Experience”


We recently had our basement renovated by Studio Mustique and we were so pleased with the outcome.  Right from the beginning when we first met Carolina, we knew that we were going to choose her as our designer.  She was so friendly and easy to talk to, we immediately had a wonderful rapport with her.  She came to our home and showed us some of her previous designs.  Carolina’s drawings were incredibly beautiful.  She drew out exactly what we imagined.  She designed our basement in a manner so functional and elegant.  It does not feel like we are in a basement.  We now are able to entertain with ease as the layout flows so smoothly. 


From the construction aspect, our contractor Eduardo, showed up everyday on time and always kept the site clean and organized.  The quality of his work showed through to the end result.  We are very happy with all the work that was done.  We receive so many compliments from all our guests.


We would like to thank Carolina & Eduardo very much for the excellent job they did.

Gloria & Joe Marcellino

My experience with Studio Mustique.

Looking for the house of your dreams is not an easy process; it is very difficult to find the one that you like in all the aspects…. I found a very nice townhouse last year, ……. In the same moment I saw it, I thought ….. well I have to do some changes….that was the most difficult part… find someone who really could understand what I wanted and the way I like things to be done!

I started asking the few people here in Oakville, and I asked for three estimated (quotations)  for all the changes I wanted to be done in my house.  One of the contractors never gave us the estimated, the other one took so long to give it to me and he did it incomplete. Finally I meet Eduardo and Carolina…. I just thought … NOW WE ARE TALKING! The way they presented the project and all the advices they started giving me at the very first moment made me think that I have found the people I want to work with… I found THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

Mustique Renovations made my basement, the renovation of the main bathroom, the stairs and the counter top of the kitchen, in the mean time I enjoy choosing the materials with Carolina, sharing ideas, she became my friend and all the experience was an unforgettable journey.  I Know I can count on them for anything I need in my house from now on.

Adriana Almaral

Selecting Mustique for our renovation project was the best decision we could have made.


You see, I am handy with tools and have done a few projects in the house but when it came to the main bathroom (the only one in the second floor) we needed it done right and fast.  Because we were never happy with the existing bathroom a total remodel was in order.  We were afraid of “designers” as you may thing that they are expensive and select only exotic and expensive stuff…we decided to give Mustique a try and they proved us wrong.


The Mustique team of Carolina and Eduardo is very professional and personable.  A meeting to discuss what we wanted and the budget was promptly followed by another meeting a couple of days later.  We were totally blown away with what we were presented: professional drawings, a color board and a design that reflected what we wanted in a way that we had never been able to put together by ourselves.  It was functional, beautiful and using materials we never even knew existed.  To our total shock it was also within budget. 


Carolina and Eduardo are very cost conscious and they can play with a wide range of furniture and materials.  Mixing economical furniture with high-end fixtures and materials they were able to give us a dream bathroom for a reasonable budget, something we would have never been able to do ourselves. 


Eduardo completed the work in a very professional manner, protecting our hardwood floors so nothing got damaged and ensuring that the house remained as clean as possible during the process.  He is very methodical and does an excellent job.  When it was all done we received compliments on our bathroom from all over the world (thanks to facebook) and two years later we are still very happy with it and can’t stop admiring it.


So when we decided to do a main floor make over we had no second thoughts about who was going to do the job.  It had to be Mustique. 


This time we knew the process and had a great deal of trust in them.  Again they listened carefully to what we wanted and more importantly to what we did not like about the existing ambient.   This time Carolina really put us to the test.  When the drawings and color board were presented we were really nervous.  “Are you sure?”, “really that color?” we asked.  “Trust me” said Carolina, “if you do not like it I will paint it another color myself”. You see, she has an amazing ability to see things in a way most folks can’t.  We see something in a store an we say we love it and then we put it in out home and somehow it does not look and feel the way we imagined it would when we were in the store.  Carolina is the opposite, she shows you things in isolation and you are not sure if it will look good and when she puts it all together you go Wow!


So how did it turn out?  Well let’s say that when we open designer magazines we feel no envy.  Our main floor is design magazine worthy.  It is brighter, more open, more inviting and more comfortable than it ever was which is exactly what we wanted but it now has a wow factor that makes us proud which is something we never had before.  Did we break the bank?  Not at all.  While no renovation is cheap, again mixing affordable items with high end and exotic ones they created a beautiful and elegant result at an affordable cost.  Eduardo once again did a very professional job, both on time and on budget.


I have dealt with other contractors in the past for other projects and I can honestly say that Mustique is the most professional company I ever dealt with.  I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.  What makes them so different?  They care.


For those of you out there who are afraid of the word “designer” because you think it means expensive I say give Mustique a call.  You will be blown away with the result and you will save so much money by doing it once the right way.


Thank you Carolina and Eduardo for transforming our house into an amazing home.

Jorge Gomez

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